Top Ten Tuesday: Ten book (or reading) related problems.

This is a re-blog but I can totally relate to her! Check out that bookcase! ~Naila Moon


Via The Broke and the Bookish



Ten Book (or Reading) Related Problems I Have


1. Sometimes I bite my nails when I read.


2. I underline a lot and write all over my pages.


A mess



3. I buy used books faster than I can read them.


4. It irks me when my 18-year old leaves his phone, watch, wallet,

and eye glasses on my bookcase.  They are not part of my books.


5. I love my bookcase that my husband built for me, but it is just a bookcase,

and I must not treat it like it is another family member.


Just a bookcase


6. Some people have pets.  I have books.


7. I get excited about going to the library.


8. I would rather read than exercise.  


9.  I bring books with me everywhere,

including family gatherings and birthday parties.


10. Most of the time, I'd rather be reading.